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How to use Mica Powder in Candle Making?

How to use Mica Powder in Candle Making?

Tips for Using Mica Powder in Candle Making

Candle making is a great hobby or professional work to decorate home, sell to others, give as holiday gifts or use by yourself on a cozy night. You'd like to make a perfect candle with some shimmer or sparkle? Mica pigment powders are non-toxic, completely safe and have a glass like sheen effect, it is the best option for adding that "Final touch" factor to wax creations.

In this article, we will answer all questions about candle making with mica powders and share with you the best tips & tricks for using micas as a candle dye.

Mica powders do not migrate or bleed over time but they aren't susceptible to fading. Most artists don't recommend using micas to color the candles because it has a mineral powder which doesn't dissolve perfectly into the wax. Fine particles 10-60 can clog the candle's wick, so it will have a smaller flame. You should decide when you want to use it in the candle making process. When the flame's heat melts the wax, a beautiful shimmering effect starts and that looks stunning! You can add the powder while mixing ingredients into liquid wax or after. In both ways, candles will show the amazing color and shine of the mica!

mica powder for candles

How much Mica Powder do I need to add to candles?

There are 2 different ways to add mica pigment to your candles:

  • Coloring the melted wax before pouring
  • Decorating the outside or top surface with shimmering mica powders.

mica powder for candle making

How to Color Wax with Mica Powder During Melting?

If you choose to use the first option while melting and pouring candles, you should keep in mind that the time when to use is important. Most candle waxes are not translucent but opaque white or even with some yellowing when cooled down, this may affect the mica's color. Since fine particles react to direct light, they turn into pastel colors. The pearlescent particles will be visible when the candle melts with the heat.

A small amount of mica powder will produce a light pastel color. Start by melting your candle base and mix until the base is entirely liquid. If you use candle dye, mix it until it is thoroughly combined. The last step is to add your chosen color of mica powder.

Use 1/14th of a teaspoon for every 14 liquid ounces of base, anytime you can add more or less as you wish. Finish mixing with any added scented fragrances or other candle decor before pouring it. Note: to avoid powder sticking to cotton wicks, use wooden wicks!

How to Decorate Candles with Mica Powders After Melting?

Can You Use Mica Powder In Candles?

The second option is to color the outside or top surface of candles. The final touch of some micas will give you the aesthetic effects and complete the candle completely. Mica powder is made from natural ingredients so it's skin safe, you can use it with confidence and use your finger to apply the powder on candles. You can easily remove micas off your skin with some soap and water. If you are making wax melts, use a makeup brush to dust the inside of your silicone mold and get great results! 

So choose your method and start making amazing candles today! If you are looking for mica powder for candle making, you got lucky! Baltic Day pigments offer a variety of mica powders, including variety packs with 100 different mica colors, chameleon, white, blue, matte, shimmery that will make you stand out from others!


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