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Ships from USA, Fast 2-5 days Shipping
Ships from USA, Fast 2-5 days Shipping
mica powder

Mica Powder for Epoxy Resin

Buy any set of the USA most popular Epoxy Resin Pigments, including our best-selling 100 Colors set, for just 99.99$! This set includes mica powders, chameleon pigments, glitter pigments and foil flakes! There's a reason we have over 1000 5* star reviews 😏

P.S. This offer also includes 2-5 days Delivery! #BALTICDAY

intense chameleon pigment

Ultra-Shift Mica Powders Set

12 Colors Ultra Fine Chameleon Powder - highest grade chameleon mica powder for Epoxy Resin, Tumblers/Paint. Each 1g the whole weight is 12g! Buy today for just 99.99$ (save over 50$)! You will need just a very small amount of multicolor powder to produce beautiful and rich colors! This is the highest grade of pigment available online!



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Vibrant Resin Colors for any Project

Add dazzling effects in epoxy resin and stand out from others with these brilliant colors! Our pigments mix very well with any type of epoxy resin, clear or translucent medium and can be applied to any surface. Highest quality mica powder will not bleed, bloom, tarnish or fade over time unlike other colorants!

Baltic Day resin pigments build a range of intense colour in several shades when mixed into clear epoxy resin or UV resin. Results are just amazing! From wood cutting boards to resin river tables, our pigments look stunning in all DIY projects!


Benefits of Baltic Day Epoxy Color Pigments

metallic epoxy pigment

Mica Pigment Powder for Epoxy Resin

Highly pigmented & professional grade - Baltic Day mica powder pigment is made from a stronger pigment than other colorants, so you only need a small amount of pigment for most of your projects. Our powder is a very versatile dye and are ideal for epoxy resin projects

With a range of 100 metallic shades, our epoxy pigments offer you unlimited creative art possibilities. Epoxy pigment powders are available in a rainbow of colors with new shades to be developed.

Baltic Day metallic pigments stay suspended in epoxy for vibrant and beautiful effects. These can be used to create a solid metallic color effect to your wood table or art projects.

epoxy colorant powder

Why choose Baltic Day epoxy colorants?

More than 10 years of experience in resin industry:

We have been working with epoxy resin for over 10+ years. We have provided mica powders to professional woodworkers, DIY enthusiasts and artists. Our resin colorants are created for resin wood tables, boards, art paintings, coasters, geodes & more. You can take advantage of our experience and together we can achieve incredible results!

Wide range of epoxy colors:

We offer over 100+ different epoxy resin color pigments which includes mica powders, color shift pigments, epoxy colored pastes, and glow in the dark powders.

Art Epoxy Resin:

In addition to highest quality epoxy colorants, we also provide crystal clear epoxy resin for artworks, jewelry casting, geodes, coasters, paintings and much more!



metallic epoxy pigment

I started Riverlux Tables and began my business by trying every type of product for every aspect of making high quality and long lasting epoxy furniture. When it came to coloring, I mixed mulptiple colors from five major brands. When the testing was complete it became obvious that Baltic Day was in a league of their own. The rich appearance of their color only intensified as the epoxy cured and their metallic shimmer didn't settle to the bottom like almost every other brand. One thing is for sure, if you want to make the best furniture or epoxy art, you have to use the best pigments and with Baltic Day, you simply cannot lose.

Gordon Beck

Metallic epoxy pigment powder

These pigments are top notch. I’ve used reputable branded pigments in the past and they do not hold a candle to these pigments! It’s absolutely unreal how bold each color is even when using less pigments than compared to other brands! If you haven’t tried these yet then you’re missing out!

Blain Gilbert

This is an incredible assortment of colors. They are gorgeous and mix easily into resin (as I have done here) or any medium that will work with powdered pigment. You can create virtually anything you desire with this range of colors. You'll want to try these pigments as soon as you can, you won't be disappointed. Living at the beach, my favorite colors are blues, teals and sands. Of course I'll be trying all these beautiful hues.

August Schilz

Resin pigment powder

Used these amazing pigments for working with resin and they are literally so shimmery and sparkly every time! They mix with ease and the colors are always so bold. There is so much to be made with alll these perfect colors!!


resin dyes and pigments

I took the lids off so you can see the actual colors :) These are beautiful powders and super pigmented so very bright in color! Gorgeous! There was a little bit of the powders in the box upon opening but honestly that is expected when dealing with micro powders. Absolutely WILL purchase again :)


mica powder for resin

These pigments are awesome. They are vibrant, a little goes a long way and totally worth the cost. I used blue and kiwi in the phone case piece I made. The kiwi was overpowered by the blue but made this cool gold effect. I didn’t use equal parts of the colors so that’s why it happened. I will keep using them and can’t wait for more colors to come out soon!


epoxy powder

This pigment from Baltic Day is amazing! I have used several other companies products and this is by far the best one I have used! The pigments mix really well when used with resins!


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