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Ships from USA, Fast 2-5 days Shipping
Ships from USA, Fast 2-5 days Shipping

Glitter for Tumblers

Super fine glitters are ideal colorants for coloring epoxy resin. Baltic Day extra fine glitters for tumbler making are non-toxic, completely safe, they have no smell, will not fade, won’t bleed or change over time. There are many factors including skill level or project type and more, that can determine success with epoxy.

We offer a wide variety of different colors to choose, extra fine glitters sparkle with a dazzling, long-lasting gloss, and holographic resin sparkles. Beautiful glitters colors are ideal for decorating resin coasters or making tumblers.

They can also be used for paint, arts, crafts and other product décor. We use the most comfortable packaging, each color glitters are packed into jars for easy storage and use, elegant and sealed in a shake & pour jars.

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