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Ships from USA, Fast Delivery in 2-5 Days
Ships from USA, Fast Delivery in 2-5 Days

Glow In The Dark Pigments

BALTIC DAY offers the brightest glow in the dark pigments on the market.

Baltic Day glow in the dark pigment is a multipurpose: add glow effect to UV Resin, Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin, Clear Varnish, Glue and Latex or make your own glowing paint to create beautiful effects that glows in the dark!

You can also use our powders for Automotive Paint, Slime, Paintings, Woodworking, Slime, Nails, Fishing jigs, Floors and much more! You can also make your own glow in the dark paint, transparent sealers, topcoats.

Baltic Day pigment is non-toxic and non-radioactive and is completely safe for use in water based and other mediums. Mix one part powder to five parts medium.

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