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Ships from USA, Fast 2-5 days Shipping
Ships from USA, Fast 2-5 days Shipping

Super Chameleon Pigments

Super chameleon pigments have an ultrashift effect and are the highest grade of pigments available online! This unique powder will give off multiple colors in one piece. This collection of super chameleon pigments change color when viewed from a different angle. The more angles or facets you will use the more dramatic and cosmic effect you will see. On a smooth surface, you will see a shift. Depending on the light, the effect will be more subtle.

Compared to color shift and ultrashift powders, the intense chameleon pigments with mirror effect are super fine and you need a very tiny amount to get the strong color shifting effect. The regular chameleon pigment powder has a soft look, while super chameleon has a deeper and metallic color.

This type of pigment can be mixed into any paint, add it to epoxy resin, lacquers, automotive paints and artwork applications. Super chameleon pigments are often used for tumbler making, cosmic river tables, jewelry DIY or even nail polish.

To achieve the most professional and beautiful results, we recommend using a black base. This powder will look like a liquid chrome when used on a black surface. Dusted into silicone molds backed with black epoxy resin you will achieve incredible results!

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