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Ships from USA, Fast Delivery in 2-5 Days


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  • Extremely Vibrant and Astonishing Pearlescent looking colors
  • Highly Pigmented, Non-Fading and UV Resistant Colors
  • Endless Projects Possibilities and Unlimited Designs
  • 3D Effects & Marble look Apprearance
  • Highly Concentrated Colours
  • Mica Powders packed into Easy to use 5g/0.17 resealable bags
  • 50 Unique Epoxy Resin Color Pigments
  • Highest Quality, Non-Toxic, Completely Safe, Gentle on Skin


Mica Powder Set

BALTIC DAY pigments are specially formulated for Resin Art Projects! Our incredible color palette will help you to achieve the most desired illusion of vibrance and depth in all your Resin Projects! 

Our powders are made of fine particles and it's extremely easy to mix. They create effect of shine, cosmic shimmer and depth of various shades.

Our natural powder is an organic and finely grinded stone from the mineral mica. You can work with confidence as our epoxy pigments will NOT fade, change or tarnish in color over time.

The working time of your resin art and craft projects will not be effected by our mica. Leaving no lumps, residues or mushes of pigment. Powdered pigments are stable when exposed to light, extremely temperatures and moisture.

BALTIC DAY powders can be mixed into any clear medium and applied to any surface. Powdered pigments are resin-based and change the color of epoxy. Add powder to crystal clear resin to create gorgeous rippled metallic effects in River Tables, Counter-Tops, Castings, Coatings, Plastic, Wood, Acrylic Pour Paint, Watercolor, Auto Paint, Polymer Clay, Jewelry, Craft Glue, Laminating Resin, Epoxy Gelcoat, Electrical Potting Resin, Woodworking, Fiberglass, Lacquer, Latex, Varnishes, Glazes, Geode Art Pieces, Screen Printing, Embossing, Flooring, Alcohol Inks and other uses.

Epoxy Resin colour pigments set

Here is a short video how our customer @mtwoodandepoxy Mixing "Pearl" and "Kiwi" resin dye.



The mixing ratio depends on the intensity of the color that you want to produce. The concentration of powder determined by the thickness of your coating or casting. Start with a small portion of pure metallic powder dye first to mix with the resin. If you want more opaque effect, add a few more. You cannot add to much metallic colour dust, or else, the resin will not cure. 

To achieve a similar level of colouration, thinner coatings will need a higher percentage of pigment than thicker castings. You have to experiment with the ratio and by your own tests and evaluations, determine suitability of such products for their specific use. We recommend 1g of pigment per 1-5oz of epoxies. 25-50g of pigment per gallon of peelable paint.

buy metallic epoxy pigment online


Baltic Day Mica Powder Color Pigments are made from highest quality mica nanoparticles coated with organic and inorganic colors. These ingredients allows you to create iridescent and pearlescent effects in all your epoxy pour and thin coating projects! Our products can basically be used in all epoxy products.

We have over 300 different colors: rainbow, pearl, blue, green, white, orange, black, yellow, gold, teal, aqua, brown, bronze, copper, purple, pink, ghost, lavender, orange, chameleon, glow in the dark and much more!


epoxy pigment

I will always go with Baltic Day pigments, they have a variety like no other and they provide quality material. The color chart is absolutely amazing and the metallic pigments are hands down like no others. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to use with epoxy.


epoxy pigment powder

I've been working with Baltic Day for a little while now and really like the vibrancy of the colors in this series along with a larger quantity than other brands.


resin powder pigment

Holy moly, friends! The colors are absolutely beautiful and so vibrant! I can't get over just how VIVID the colors are. I was so pleased with the pigments that I kept making more and more pieces!

What I like the most about these pigments is that they truly stay incorporated in the resin and don't sink to the bottom, so the integrity of the pieces you make remain intact.

Buy them today, everyone! You won't be disappointed!!!!

BALTIC DAY customer

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