How to make Epoxy Resin Cutting Board?

Learn how to make an AMAZING Charcuterie Board using wood and Epoxy Resin!

In this tutorial I will teach you how to produce Epoxy Resin Cutting Boards. This tutorial is for Beginners/Intermediate level in skill. Here are the Step-by-step instructions.

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Step 1: Choose Wood Type

The first step is to decide which wood to use. When making cutting boards we recommend using any hardwood: Walnut, Oak, Ash.

Step 2: Plane the Board

Run the board through the planer several passes until one achieves the desired thickness. Once the board is flat then you are ready for the next step.

Step 3: Choose the shape of the Board

Choose the desired template to make sure all board shapes and sizes are the same. 

Step 4: Trace the Template on the wood piece and cut the Charcuterie board out

You can use a jig saw or bandsaw to cut out the cutting board. 

Step 5: Sand the Cutting board

Starting with 80 grit sandpaper and stepping up to 100, 120, 220 - 320.

Step 6: Setup for the Resin and Mica Powder pigments for the Pour

Use a BALTIC DAY Epoxy Resin pigments and Resin with a 1:1 mix ratio. It's very easy to work with and provides perfect quality and amazing finished look!


Mix 4 ounces of resin and 4 ounces of hardener into one cup, mix slowly 5-7 minutes ( Use a stir stick ).

Step 7: Pour the Colors onto the cutting board

Pour the "Pearl' color onto the board over the top portion of the board.

Spread the Resin around with your hands or the stir stick.

Step 8: Apply Heat from the heat gun

Use the Heat gun to remove all the bubbles that rise in the resin. Keep the gun about 7 inches away to remove all the little bubbles. ( be careful with heat, don't burn the resin )

Once you blended the color, applied heat and achieved the look, leave the board alone for atleast 12-24 hours, letting the Resin cure. After the resin cured, sand away the drips from the resin ( use 220 grit ).

Step 9: Seal the Cutting Board

When sealing the cutting board use only food safe products! Apply the cutting board oil all over the board, you can use your hands or plastic spreader to spread it ( Apply this step 2-3 times to achieve a perfect seal ).

Let the board sit for atleast 15-25 minuts and wipe off the excess oil and apply the way. As the board totally cure, the finish lookins Amazing!





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