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Ships from USA, Fast Delivery in 2-5 Days
Ships from USA, Fast Delivery in 2-5 Days
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Epoxy Resin Colorants

Epoxy colors are an ideal way to add solid colour to any art project or wood table. Use these mica powders to tint a deep pour epoxy or art resin to create gorgeous castings, coatings or river tables. Resin colorants can tint small amounts of epoxy resin for filling cracks in wood or create stunning cells in resin art pieces.

Baltic Day™  pigment powders are specially formulated for resin art to give pearlescent and metallic effect. Mix multiple colored pigments into epoxy resin to create counter tops, wood turnings, tables, boards, paintings and unique art projects!

Find the best dyes and pigments for resin art projects in our online store. We have a highest quality metallic, transparent, opaque, mica powder pigments specifically developed for use with epoxy resin. 100% natural and pure mica powder colors for mixing with polyurethane and two-part epoxy resins. Shop resin pigments online and enjoy fast 2-5 days USA shipping.