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Ships from USA, Fast 2-5 days Shipping
Why is my resin so bubbly? Will bubbles in epoxy go away? How do you Stir resin without bubbles?

How Do I Get Bubbles Out Of Epoxy Resin?

how to remove bubbles out of epoxy resin

Why is my Epoxy Resin Bubbling? Why does my Resin have Tiny Bubbles? How do you fix Bubbles? 

These are most popular questions we are getting here at BALTIC DAY Facebook , Instagram , Youtube channels.

popping bubbles from epoxy resin

Every artist hate bubbles in resin! Nothing can ruin the look of your project than finding a micro-sized or big bubbles that it appears cloudly in your finished work.

Whether you're using Baltic Day resin to cast a tray, mold, jewelry, artwork or coat a table top, kitchen countertop, tumbler or river table, they will appear! Even continue to develop for 60 minutes after the curing process. You hope they will disappear by the time but they won't!

Some brands epoxy resin are better than others, other brands need to be poured in thin layers to achieve less ugly bubbles.

No matter what brand of resin you will use, here are our top 10 tips that are used to get rid of epoxy resin bubbles: 


destroy tiny bubbles from epoxy resin


Fast and most effective way to destroy tiny bubbles is utility lighter. Do it quickly in 1-4 seconds of heat exposure at a time.

The flame from a handheld butane torch, barbecue lighter or a bigger propane torch is hot enough to thin out the resin and  destroy all the bubbles. Please use caution when using a flame!

Note: there is a change of blowing some dust all over your wet resin.

TIP: This process should be done as soon as possible after pouring. Do not overheat or blow dust onto the surface.



Resin likes a room temperature of 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit for curing. TIP: try heating a smaller space such as a bathroom or other room.

Place BALTIC DAY unopened resin and hardener bottles in a plastic bag, then keep the bag sit inside the hot water for atleast 5-10 minutes, drying them off thoroughly before you measure and mix. Be careful, you don't want to get water in your epoxy resin. Make sure the resin is warm ( 70-85 F or 23-30C ).


Gently warm your casting top with a heat gun is an easiest way to warm up the surface.
TIP: if you are working with molds, you can also gently warm them to 130-150F before the projects. Pour your resin out slowly and close to the surface. Pour in thin layers: bubbles won't have a change to escape to the top if you poor too thick.


Mix carefully and slowly atleast 5-7 minutes, while going along the sides and bottom of the cup ( whipping it will induce more bubbles ). When mixing large volumes of resin, it's not easy to not to introduce bubbles which may not rise to the resin surface before pouring or casting resin.

how to remove bubbles out of epoxy resin

Tip:5 Getting rid of bubbles with a toothpick or a pin 

We recommend to use this method for a very small piece of art. For larger pieces of your artwork, eradicating bubbles with this option is a very intensive and long.

Tip:6 Popping bubbles with a straw

Blowing on bubbles can cause the bubblies to pop. This process is slow and will work on small pieces such as jewelry, earrings, rings, molds or small river boards.

Tip:7 Demold intricate molds several times during pouring process

Bubbles will escape from your mixed resin. 

Tip:8 Pop bubbles with a hair dryer 

Everyone have this product in their bathroom. Light heat helps to remove air bubbles, but it's not intense as a torch to fight against bubbles efficiently.

The main problem occurs when air blows around dust and other small pieces of dirt that you will use near your wet resin mixture.

Tip:9 Use a powder on the surface 

You can easily decrease the surface tension of a mold by dusting a mica powder or liquid resin dye. A small amount of colored baby powder may work to stop bubbles in resin. Use a paintbrush or stirring stick to dust in the color powder.

how to remove bubbles out of epoxy resin


Tip:10 Roll around or dip inclusions in resin before puttin them into Bezel or Mold 

Break the surface tension with this method easy! Bubbles will remove super easy because of the less space for them to move around.

How to Remove Bubbles from Cured Resin?

Once you finally finished your project and happily going to rest. But… Next day you notice a small pesky bubbles on your piece again.. What should I do now? DON’T WORRY! Bubbles can also appear in resin after you add charms, especially when the air in your working room is chilly. Cured resin problems can be fixed with these simple techniques:

Tip 1: Sand

If you noticed small bubblies on your surface, you should sand down the entire project surface of your piece. Why it will work? Sanding will create tooth for the fresh epoxy resin layer to adhere to – 80 grit sandpaper will be Ideal. Once you sanded your entire piece, some places will look like scratched. Baltic Day resin will fill in all marks and your project will look super clear!

Tips To Prevent Resin Bubbles

Tip 2: Wipe all the dusts

Working surface must be absolutely clear of any sanding residue. Dirty surface will cause more problems when you will pour another layer of resin. Use a  napkin or a paper towel to wipe off all the dust from the dirty surface.

How to fix bubbles in resin

Tip 3: Apply a fresh coat of Resin

Carefully measure and mix another batch of Baltic Day resin and apply on your sanded and wiped piece again. Don’t add more than recommended by the instructions that came with the epoxy resin kit. Spread resin with spreader, destroy all bubbles, cover and wait for 24 hrs ( 72 hours to fully cure ).

remove bubbles from cured resin

Follow our recommendations and you will have a bubble-free pieces all the time!

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Looking for more tutorials, Tips and Techniques?

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Laura - January 6, 2021

Can I torch a couple little bubbles in my dried epoxy I had to have to sand and put another coat all over a large island

Dagem Mekuria - November 26, 2020

Good work

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