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Ships from USA, Fast 2-5 days Shipping
epoxy resin supplies

Epoxy Resin Supplies – Beginner Supply for Resin Painting

resin supplies

Resin casting and coating is a great and inexpensive way to make crafts, jewelry, river tables, boards, coasters, sculptures and other beautiful works. Sometimes choosing the right epoxy resin supplies can be hard.. In this artical we will show you the best resin supplies for casting with resin so you can create your beautiful paintings and other works at a reasonable price.

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy Resin is a synthetic polymer compund with 2 components: Resin and Hardener. When these two parts are mixed with 1:1 ratio together, the chemical reaction occurs. Formed resin mixture hardens after a certain time. Resin can be used in wide applications: wood table tops, countertops, coasters, geodes, acrylic pour, jewelry, craft glue, inlay, sculptures, paintings, flooring and repairing damaged products.

Which Essential Resin Casting Supplies do I Need?

Different resin techniques requires different type resin art supplies. There are different types and ratio resin such as 1:1 ; 2:1 ; 3:1 in addition to the actual resin depending on the choosen techniques.

Professional 1:1 Ratio Art Resin or Epoxy Resin?

High quality and professional resins are Heat and UV resistance and are usually made for the specific applications.

Casting Resin – the main component for your artworks. Casting Resins mix in a thinner viscosity, it is easy to pour large volumes into silicone molds. This type of resign release bubbles easier, which is very important if you are doing big projects such as river tables.

BALTIC DAY Crystal Clear 1:1 ratio Art Resin

  • Clear Curing & UV Resistant, perfect color stability and air release
  • High-Gloss and Self-Leveling
  • Heat and Scratch Resistant, Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Improved Impact Strength and Surface appearance
  • Blush, Tough and Water Resistant Coating


Resin Color Pigments and Epoxy Liquid Colors

There are a big variety of different colorants to color epoxy resin. Not all colors are suitable for resin, as an example water-based colorants, oil and acrylic paints won‘t work with resins. Each dye has advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind, if you will add to much colours to resin, it will becomes tough. However, resin without any added additive tends to end up with a slighly yellow hue. Knowing which resin colors are best for epoxy resin will help you to achieve desired results.

epoxy resin supplies

Resin Pigments and Epoxy Color Powders

Baltic Day pigments are specifically designed for Resin art and used to color any type resins. These pigments has various particle sizes that are ablong and round in shape. They create a georgeos range of looks from smooth pearly luster, fine to a metallic sheen.

  • Extremely Vibrant and Colorfast looking colors
  • Non-Fading, UV Resistant and Highly Pigmented
  • 3D Effects & Marble look Apprearance
  • Baltic Day has over 300 different colors
  • Highly Concentrated Colours – produce shimmering and deep metallic shade effects


Liquid Epoxy Pigment

Liquid dyes commonly used on resin jewelry making, resin mold, craft and casting decorations, DIY garment accessories. Liquid resin pigment mixes very well into resins. This type of colorant is very concentrated and can be mixed with another resin colorant.

epoxy resin supplies

Resin Painting Additives for Cell Formation

Liquid and Fluid Acrylics

Acrylic paints are great colorants for the flow techniques, beautiful cells in dirty pour or air swipe. Usually I use small size bottles of liquid acrylics with various of different colors including glittery, neon, glow in the dark ,metallic and pearly effects.

Acrylic paints are not expensive but very effective way for resin artworks. Always follow the 1 to 10 ratio rule, it means mix 1 part acrylic paint to 10 parts resin otherwise resin will become clumpy and won’t pour as expected.

Fluid acrylics are more expensive than liquid. This type of colorant has a much thinner viscosity than normal liquid acrylics. This type of resin medium is very concentrated in color.

Alcohol-Based Inks

Alcohol Ink is a great way to color epoxy resin. This type of dye is transparent and effect is concentrated. You can easily control the transparency of the color. Just a few drops of these pigments will be enough for most of your projects.

Use only few drops of these inks into a resin mixture will result in a very light and gorgeous but transparent coloring. By adding more it will get increasingly saturated in vibrancy.

Alcohol Inks works great for silicone molds, petri dish and jewelry art! Vibrant inks are often used to make a gorgeous resin coaster. Alcohol-based colors are used for making resin jewelry such as charms, pendants, rings, necklases, earrings.

resin supplies alcohol based inks

Airbrush Paints

Airbrush paints have a very thin viscosity and comes in huge array and brilliant vivid of colors, including metallic color options. Always shake the bottle before using them.

Resin Glitter, Mica Flakes, Crushed Crystals and Decorative Stones

If you want to add more shine, shimmery and depth to your artworks, use deco stones, holographic glitter or colored glitter.

Mica flakes are best for resin casting, paper arts, hot melt crafts, mosaic works and geodes.

epoxy resin glitter

Mixing and Measuring Cups

Project success depends on many factories. Measuring the right amounts of resin and hardener is very important for success! Inaccurate measurements on your resin ensures it won‘t cure properly. Mixing cups will help you to mix the right amount of two components properly otherwise the mixture may not cure properly. Resin measuring and mixing cups have measurement lines allowing you to get price amounts of resin and hardener.

Safety Equipment

Nitrile gloves, safety googles are essential resin supplies needed for working with resin. Resin is non-toxic and safe but has chemical and it‘s important to protect your eyes and skin from accidents. We have more information about the safety precautions so you can work with confidence.

Mixing and Stirring Utensils

Resin mixer or plastic stir paddles are great tools to make sure you mix resin thoroughly. It is very imporant because poorly mixed resin will not cure properly and leave sticky and tacky spots.

resin accessories

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Painting Grounds

Resin can be poured on all surfaces. However, recommended to pour on straight and firm surfaces such as canvas, wooden artist panel, cradled birch or tile.

Canvas is a perfect surface for painting. It comes in various sizes and are pre-primed. Larger canvases are less suitable because of the weight, smaller can be reinforced with a card. Test pours can be made on small canvases ( 5 inches to 11 inches square ), when working with different resin colorants and testing different color schemes and techniques. True pour can be made on a larger substrates such as bigger size canvases or cradled birch. You should add evenly spaced support underneath when pouring on very large canvas otherwise canvas will result in pooling.

Resin Molds to Pour Resin Into

Always use high quality silicone resin molds. Before mixing and pouring your epoxy resin, always be sure if the surface you are pouring is compatible. Poor quality molds will melt or crack because of the heat of mixed resin.

Mold Release

It will help to release casting from the silicone molds. Popping and twisting will wrap the mold or produce small tears that reduce the mold life.

A Heat Gun

A lot of micro bubbles may appear in your resin castings. A heat tool – Torch, flame butane or propane torch is the easiest way to remove bubbles.

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